The Aztec Empire incorporated many neighboring Mesoamerican cultures in a complex mix of trade and tribute. Warriors from neighboring tribes were often called to duty by the Aztecs as they expanded throughout the reigon. The arrow knights, not Aztec by birth, were allies or subject peoples called into service. Their primary weapon was the
Legendary Arrow Knight

An arrow knight in white.

atlatl, a leverage device which enabled its user to accuratley hurl a spear up to 150 yards.

Arrow Knight In-Game Edit

The Arrow Knight is a slow moving infantry unit with a long range capable of destroying buildings, artillery, and ships. Because of its low base attack, it is not commonly used to attack normal units, and is population ineffective in this matter.

Base Statistics Edit

  • Type: Ranged Infantry, Infantry, Siege Unit, Siege Trooper
  • Cost: 50 food, 75 gold, 2 population
  • Build XP: 13
  • Kill XP: 13
  • Hitpoints: 150
  • Speed: 3.75
  • Resists: 0.40 Ranged
  • Siege Attack: 36 Siege, 30 Range, x2 vs Ships
  • Ranged Attack: 10 Ranged, 30 Range, x5 vs Artillery
  • Hand Attack: 6 Melee

Upgrades Edit

The Arrow Knight has home city upgrades to further improve its combat statistics, along with the Champion and Legendary upgrades.

  • Knight Attack: +15% Attack
  • Knight Hitpoints: +15% Hitpoints
  • Knight Combat: +15% Attack, +15% Hitpoints
  • Scorched Earth: +50% Siege Attack
  • Great Temple of Coatlicue Support: +20% Attack
  • Fencing School: -40% Train Points