The most densley populated region of the New World in 1492 was Mesoamerica, where North and Central America meet in modern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. The people living here were called the Aztecs (also Mexica or Tenocha); they built an amazing civilization centered on their great capital city of Tenochtitlan (modern Mexico City). This was one of the largest cities in the New World (with an estimated population of 200000), and arguably more beautiful and cleaner than any contemporary captial in
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A portrait of an Aztec jaguar warrior.

Europe at that time.

The Aztecs were just one of several tribes in the area, but had risen to prominence due to their ferocity in battle and adept diplomacy. Their soldiers wielded weapons of wood and stone, and they often sought prisoners to be sacrificed in religious ceremonies. Their society depended on sophisticated agricultural techniques; from them the world learned of foodstuffs including tomatoes, corn, cocoa, and chili peppers. They were handicapped by the lack of large domesticated animals (they had no horse or ox), and the use of wheel only in toys. Everything to be moved was carried by human porters, or through the advanced canal system in Tenochtitlan.

Despite their large population and fighting prowess, the Aztecs fell relativley quickly to the determined Spanish conquistadores under Cortez. This was due in large part to the epidemics the Europeans brought ashore, and Cortez' coincidental arrival, conflicting with the arrival of their god Quetzalcoatl, which caused confusion between the Aztec people. By some estimates the Aztec population of 12 million people in 1520 had fallen to one million by 1600. The Spanish also allied with the Aztec's enemies, namely the Tlaxcala, to increase their armies, and had the advantage of steel and gunpowder weapons.

Aztecs In-Game Edit

The Aztecs are available as both a playable civilization in The War Chiefs, and as a native trading post in vanilla Age of Empires III.

Aztecs As a Trading Post Edit

The Aztecs are avialable on the maps Sonora, Yucatan, and possibly The Unknown. They have two units, the Aztec Eagle Warrior and the Aztec Jaguar Warrior (note that these units are not the same as the Eagle Runner Knight and the Jaguar Prowl Knight). They also have some better upgrades than other native posts may have. However, they are only meant to be played in vanilla because in The War Chiefs they are replaced by the Zapotecs.

  • Aztec Warrior Societies: +25% Attack, +25% Hitpoints to Aztec natives.
  • Champion Aztecs: +40% Attack, +40% Hitpoints to Aztec natives.
  • Zapotec Garland Wars: +30% Attack, +30% Hitpoints to Aztec Natives
  • Aztec Chinampa: +20% Mill Gather Rate, +20% Fish Gather Rate, +20% Whale Gather Rate
  • Aztec Initiation: +100% Hitpoints, +100% Attack to Heroes
  • Aztec Chocolate Recipies: 1 Coin Crate per 2 minutes of gameplay

Aztecs As a Civilization Edit

The Aztecs are one of the most unique civilizations in the game. As with all other native cilizations, they have a fire pit. However, the Aztec fire pit is strongest due to the warrior priest being a unit that can dance at the pit and count as two villagers. Their army consists solely of foot units, however, they lack gunpowder and horses. To balance this issue they have been given light infantry to somewhat fill the missing cavalry role, and the arrow knight to somewhat fill the culverin/mortar role. Their units are very population effective, and even more so when the war dance is activated. Their economy is one of the best per villager, especially when gathering food, due to many home city cards, age up bonuses, and standard farm upgrades. When all added up, they can increase their food production by 190% (75% from home city, 20% from Wise Woman advance to age V, 95% from regular farm upgrades.)

Aztec Units

Aztecs train military units from three buildings: the War Hut, Noble's Hut and the Fire Pit. Units are most commonly trained from the War Hut and Noble's Hut. A problem with Aztec unit training is that all of their unit creation buildings have a limit which hinders the Aztec potential to train units. However, the fertility dance at the Fire Pit compensates for this problem somewhat.

  • War Hut: Coyote Runner - Aztec Light Infantry; takes a heavy cavalry role
  • War Hut: Macehualtin - Aztec Skirmisher; good early unit vs. heavy infantry and ranged cavalry, ineffective late game
  • War Hut: Puma Spearman - Aztec Heavy Infantry; specializes vs. cavalry and light infantry, good siege attack
  • Noble's Hut: Arrow Knight - Aztec Siege Infantry; long range; ineffective vs. all but siege and buildings
  • Noble's Hut: Eagle Runner Knight - Aztec Light Infantry; takes a ranged cavalry role, fast rate of fire.
  • Noble's Hut: Jaguar Prowl Knight - Aztec Heavy Infantry; effective vs. cavalry, heavy infantry, light infantry, buildings.
  • Fire Pit: Warrior - Aztec Temporary Unit; trains quickly, effective vs. siege, loses hitpoints over time
  • Fire Pit: Medicine Man - Aztec Healer; melee attack increases with age, heals units, can dance at fire pit
  • Fire Pit: Skull Knight - Aztec Heavy Infantry; strong melee attack, area attack, good vs. massed cavalry, massed light infantry and buildings.