Cassadors are a powerful skirmisher available only to the Portugese. They have the best non-mercenary non-artillery ranged attack in the game. They are the best anti-musketeer unit: an Imperial Cassador can kill an unupgraded Musketeer in one shot. However, like all Skirmishers, they are extremely vulnerable to cavalry and artillery.

Base statistics

  • Type: Skirmisher, Light Infantry
  • Cost: 80 food, 35 coin, 1 population
  • Build XP: 12
  • Kill XP: 12
  • Hitpoints: 85
  • Resistance: 50% ranged
  • Ranged damage: 26, 2x vs. Infantry, 20 range
  • Melee damage: 7; 2x infantry
  • Siege damage: 10; 6 range
  • Speed: 4.5


In the Asian Dynasties expansion, they have their attacks greatly reduced but their hitpoints increased to 110, along with a faster ROF. In addition, their multiplier only affects heavy infantry, but they have a 2.0 times multiplier vs. light cavalry, which is cancelled out slightly by a 0.75 times multiplier vs. all cavalry (thereby making the multiplier vs. light cavalry 1.5). They are also no longer the strongest non-mercenary non-artillery ranged attack with their reduced damage and increased damage for Spanish units through the Unction ability, along with new units being introduced.