A factory is a building which produces goods on a large scale and is usually associated with machinery, division of labor, and workers who are paid a wage. The first known factory was the Venice Arsenal, which began mass-producing ships in 1104. Factories came in to common use in the eighteenth century, and as the Industrial Revolution

All three factory models.

continued, so did creation of factories in urban areas all over the western world.

Factory In-Game Edit

Factories are a powerful late game building that can supply a constant stream of resources or heavy artillery. When you build a factory, you have the choice to change between producing food, wood, coin or cannon. Most factories produce heavy cannon, but British factories produce rockets, and Ottoman factories produce Great Bombards. Factories are the only way to make these kinds of artillery in the New World. The only way to obtain a factory is from the cards: Factory, Robber Barons, Industrial Revolution and the Russian consulate.

Building Statistics Edit

  • Type: Building
  • Cost: 200 wood, 400 coin
  • Kill XP: 240
  • Trickle: 5.5/s (Choice of Resource)

Upgrades Edit

The Factory has upgrades that affects itself and the units it creates. There are also home city upgrades for factories.

Upgrades at Factory

  • Cannery: 250 wood, 250 gold, +30% food rate (7.15/s)
  • Water Power: 250 food, 250 gold, +30% wood rate (7.15/s)
  • Steam Power: 250 food, 250 wood, +30% gold rate (7.15/s)
  • Mass Production: 300 food, 300 gold, -25% Heavy Artillery/Great Bombard/Rocket Train Points
  • Imperial Heavy Cannon: 1500 wood, 1500 gold, +50% Heavy Cannon Attack, +50% Heavy Cannon Hitpoints
  • Imperial Rocket: 1500 wood, 1500 gold, +50% Rocket Attack, + 50% Rocket Hitpoints
  • Imperial Bombard: 1500 wood, 1500 gold, +50% Great Bombard Attack, +50% Great Bombard Hitpoints

Upgrades for Factory

  • Gas Lighting - Church: +4 Line Of Sight
  • Improved Buildings - Home City: +40% Hitpoints