An ottoman fort.

Forts are strong defensive buildings used to create units and for defense. They can train all cavalry, infantry, and human artillery units like the Abus Gun and Grenadier.


HP-8500 to 12750 after the Star Fort upgrade.

Attack Anti ship-300 to 450 after the Revetment upgrade.

Attack-150 to 225 after the Revetment upgrade.


The best way to destroy a fort is to use artillery that outrange it or units with high siege attack like pikemen, mortars, falconets, etc.


Forts in the new world ranged from wooden palisades assembled hastily as outposts or for the protection of watersheds to sprawling star forts who's distinctively angled earthen and stone walls protected key ports, mines, cities, and overland trade routes. Fort McHenry, once called Fort Whetstone, was a star fort surrounded on three sides by water. In 1814 it survived a 25-hour bombardment by the British. Francis Scott key wrote a poem about his experiences during and after the battle, and the story of Fort McHenry and its star spangled banner became the national anthem of the United States in 1931.