The Great Bombard was a unit used by the Ottomans during the nineteenth century. They were one of the largest cannons around, only to the ones on ships. Their cannon balls were 2.5x larger than a normal cannon ball, commonly used to destroy enemy cannons, as well as scatter the enemies cavalry. The downside to these large shells was the load time. It took two or three minutes to load the great bombard, rather than a normal cannon.

Great Bombard In-Game

The Great Bombard is the slowest of the three heavy cannon. If you are new to the game it seems as though it is by far the best. It has the highest base damage of anything in the game besides the petard, but has no multipliers. It has 4 splash damge, the best of the cannons. The problem with the great bombard is this; like real life, it takes twice the time to load the great bombard, firing one shot every eight seconds. The only time you should ever use great bombards is facing a unit with extremely low hitpoints, such as a cassadore, or a strelet.
Name Damage Range ROF
Great Bombard 500 32 8.0
Imperial GBB 750 32 8.0
Splash Damage of 4