Grenadiers began as a unit of siege infantry that hurled grenades - iron spheres filled with gunpowder - at their targets. Grenadiers needed to be tall, strong men so they could lob the grenades to their targets, or at least far enuogh away so that the explosion would not harm friendly troops. Over time, tactics and technology changed, and grenadiers evolved into elite, highly trained and storied infantry regiments. Grenadiers wore long-tailed coats festooned with buttons, braid, and brass. The classical grenadier wears a tall, cylindrical hat trimmed in or covered with bearskin. The hat originally had no brim, or a very little one at most, so it would not interfere with throwing, even though later grenadiers fought as traditional infantry.

Grenadier In-Game Edit

The grenadier is an early-game short range unit that operates like infantry. They are the first unit available that does good damage against buildings. They are good at killing clumps of massed soldiers, especially those with a ranged attack as grenadiers have a great 50% ranged resist. They are vulnerable to cavalry and light infantry, and skirmishers have bonuses against grenadiers.