History: The Sioux tribes each had their own way to defend their village. Mostly a village would consist of either Bowmen in a surrounding forest that could shoot at an incredible distance or warriors hiding and protecting their families in their teepees and waiting for the enemy to enter.

Sioux foot warrior armed with a deadly club. Good against cavalry.

Type: Hand Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Infantry

Cost: 50 Food, 40 Wood

Build XP: 9

Kill XP: 9

Hitpoints: 120


x4 vs cavalry

Name Damage Range Rate of Fire
BuildingAttack 27 6 3
CoverBuildingAttack 14 6 3
CoverHandAttack 5 0 1.5
DefendHandAttack 10 0 1.5
MeleeHandAttack 10 0 1.5